i have over 15,000 tires in stock all labeled and organized for you the consumer .....you want nice sets of tires for way less then new?
tire prices are $40-$100 a piece depending on size, brand, condition and such......so sets are $160- $400 on high end of truck, performance stuff...
trust me you won't be disappointed.
shoot me a text or call if you don't have text. or just shoot me a text for an address. Be specific with what you need in your text or voice mails as i get 100s a day.
Normal hours of operation are 7 days a week 12 noon till 6 or later -
I have over 15 years in the automotive field and will help you learn/make a educated decision to fit your driving needs. i have singles ,
pairs and sets of every size you could need.... 13" , 14" , 15" , 16" , 17" , 18" , 19" , 20" , 21" and sometimes 22"
330-801-3059 click this link from your computer or smart phone to call directly or get google map directions and refer friends or family!